Sunday, January 11, 2009

A new drum set--do I wear it or play it?

Great Gma Gert enjoying the forbidden Hot Fudge Sundae

Should I wear bubbles in my hair everyday?

Auntie Jess--leaving us after wonderful holiday stay

Guitar man at jam session

What do you do with this thing--eat it?

Who's tickling me?

Restaurant Night!

Look--a camera!

Grandpa Doug and Auntie Jess share a moment

Sunset at the Northwoods Restaurant

Waiter--I'm ready with my order!

Ayden's new car seat from Grandpa Doug--comes with a cup holder too

And who bought this gift for me?

Auntie Jess's wonderful gift for the most thoughtful of persons--mom

And a success for Uncle Doug

And Another success for Brad

Auntie Jess's elegant new spa robe was a success!

Auntie Cassie carefully inspecting new gift

What--A Giant Panda--for Me!!

Ayden and Mum Mum

A new way to get onto a chair! That Ayden!

Ayden was a Trivia Game category this year--go Ayden!

Ayden and Auntie Jess discussing guitar techniques

Cola even gets a hug from Aunt Kelly

Uncle Manny eating for both him and Ayden

Guitar Man - tired on xmas eve, ah

What recession!!

Oh Chirstmas Tree

Ode to the white Christmas Tree!