Monday, October 27, 2008

Dog time

Ayden loves to play with the dogs--he throws the ball and they chase it and bring it back to him.

Ayden puts himself in toy box

What fun--a new box to play with--who needs toys.

Don't Tease

Please me don't tease me--give me my juicy juice!!

Brush, Brush, Brush

I have clean toes and a clean nose--now, this is how I keep my teeth sparkling white like Pat Boone!

Ayden - sleep comes

As Ayden said before, when I'm tired, I'm tired!

Ayden has a date

This is Ayden's girlfriend and betrothed. Aren't they a cute couple.

Ayden doing laundry

This is how I press mommies clean clothes.

Keep those toes clean

Everyone, heads up--this is the best way to keep your toes clean. I know how to keep my nose clean too!

Ayden--tired, I guess

"When I'm tired, I'm tired and when I'm not tired, I am not tired." direct quote from Ayden M. Cantlon

Ayden starts to crawl - June 2008

Ayden is starting to crawl--look out world--here he comes.

Ayden's Mobile

Ayden loves his mobil from, guess who, Auntie Jess.

Aunt Lisa gets married

Aunt Lisa got married in May--Ayden was the ring bearer and Ella was the flower girl. Ayden was too shy for pictures.

Auntie Jess in new role

Auntie Jess displays her ability to feed Ayden a bottle and without looking at what she is doing. Her Auntie Jess role came so naturally....

Rocker Dude

Hey, How do you like my new sunglasses? Do I look like Bruce Springstein or what?

Welcome to North Carolina

Ayden and Mom posing at the Welcome to North Carolina sign--Auntie Jess, here we come!

All Dressed Up

All Dressed up with no place to go? This was the suit and tie Ayden wore for Auntie Jess's Ph.D. graduation. Very special, did Auntie Jess notice him?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ayden (many months ago) meets Nemo

This is the first time Ayden met Nemo--face to face. Neither will forget this day.

Ayden (many months ago) meets Nemo

Its hard to believe Ayden was so little. This was probably February and its the first time Ayden met Nemo, face to face. Neither will forget this day.

Ayden (many months ago) meets Nemo

We will start at the beginning. Hard to remember Ayden being so small. This was probably last February when he first met Nemo, eye to eye. It was an encounter neither will soon forget.